various wall art

inspiring.   creative.   innovative.

The words that drive my passion.  I have come to recognize that I have an ability to see things a little differently in life.  I am always amazed in wonderment at how nature created astonishing allure in everyday objects like cement, wood, and metal by creating beautiful patterns and shapes.  My goal in life is to create or seek out the abstract radiance and share it through my eyes and can only hope you find as much enjoyment in my artwork as I do.

I am not only passionate about art, but also about my husband whom I love exploring this earth with and consider myself very lucky to be married to.  My two grown boys, my family, and my friends are the things that matter most to me.

Thank you for being here!  My name is Liz and I hope I can inspire you in some small way.  Explore and enjoy!  If you have any questions, please send me a message so I can help in any way I can.

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